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WELCOME to the…… 2018/19



For those of you who are new to our program, we would like to WELCOME you! For those of you who are returning, WELCOME BACK! We are looking forward to another great cheerleading season! Below you will find some general information regarding what to expect this season.


  • Our organization consists of girls in grades kindergarten through 6th. We offer a total of 4 cheerleading and wrestling teams; JV & Varsity Blue and JV & Varsity White. The JV teams generally consist of girls in kindergarten through 3rd grade and the Varsity teams consist of girls in 4th through 6th grade. These may differ depending on the number of girls in each grade.
  • Both of the JV squads practice together and so do both of the Varsity squads. The only time they are separate are to cheer at the matches. They learn the same routine, cheer and chants. We work very hard to make all of the squads equal. For this reason, we do not accept requests for teams for things like carpooling, coach preference, etc.
  • Please note that if your child has a sibling in the program as well, they will both be on the same team! (Ex. Your son wrestles for the Blue Team, therefore your daughter will cheer for the Blue Team as well)
  • Teams will be assigned as soon as all cheerleading and wrestling registrations are in.


  • Regular Season Practices: Practices will begin TENTATIVELY on Tuesday, October 30th and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of November and the 1st week of December. After that, the girls will be asked to arrive 1 hour prior to each match for practice time.

Times and places for practices are as follows….


Tuesday & Thursdays 6-7:30 @ Shafer Elementary School


Tuesday & Thursdays 6-8 @ Shafer Elementary School


  • Attendance at all practices and matches is IMPERATIVE!!!!
  • Cheerleading is a TEAM SPORT. Routines, stunts, and cheers are choreographed based on the number of cheerleaders on the squad. When people are missing or late it is very difficult to rearrange things. When just one person is missing from a stunt group, that whole stunt group is not able to stunt that night. It also affects the whole squad and all the hard work on the part of the girls and the coaches.
  • Although we understand that illnesses come up and things happen, you MUST notify your coach if your daughter will be late or miss a practice or match ASAP PRIOR to that practice or match. Please make every effort to make sure your daughter is in attendance and arrive promptly to practices and matches.


  • As always, your daughter's cheering sneakers are to be designated to cheerleading practices and matches only. They are NOT TO BE WORN OUTSIDE! Please have your daughter arrive in a different pair of shoes and change into her cheering sneakers when she arrives at practices or matches.
  • We cheer on very expensive wrestling and cheer mats. Any sharp debris could damage the mats or soil them with dirt.


  • Matches begin the 1st weekend in December for both the Blue & White teams. Matches are held on Sundays with the possibility of a Saturday match here and there. There are 3 matches in December and 4 in January. You will receive a schedule closer to the time.
  • Please note that if your daughter is late for a match and the coach is not notified prior to the designated arrival time, she will not be able to participate in the opening performance for that match.


  • We will have team and individual pictures taken this season as well. More specific date & time info and order forms will be forwarded when available.


  • Tumbling has become such a large part of cheerleading. If your daughter is not already in a class, there are several great gyms and dance schools in the area. This year we will be offering an 8-week tumbling class at Jeannie Cardinal School of Dance. More information to follow on this.


  • All parents are required to sign up to staff the Refreshment Stand and donate food items throughout the season to fulfill your workbond duties. There will be more info shortly.


  • We still have some left-over Apparel for sale. More info to come.


  • NMWC Cheerleading jackets will be available for purchase. It is NOT mandatory that you purchase a jacket. I will email the order form to everyone shortly after sign ups.

We are looking forward to another great season! Should you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Cheerleading Coordinator, Laurie Morgan at lauriemorgan3@gmail.com