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The Nazareth Midget Wrestling Club celebrated 50 years of wrestling in the 2017 season. The club consists of wrestlers and cheerleaders from grades K - 6. We are a member of the Valley Elementary Wrestling League (VEWL) and compete against other youth wrestling clubs in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. The NMWC offers Nazareth children the opportunity to participate in a formal and competitive wrestling program to create a quality feeder program in wrestling and cheerleading for the Nazareth Area Junior High and High School teams. The Nazareth Area School District allows a safe effective facility and our coaches offer fun and challenging exposure to the sports of wrestling and cheerleading with a focus on providing a foundation of character building, athletic conditioning, and skill development.

Wrestling: Two stages, both with the same curriculum at a different pace.

The first stage is referred to as Intramurals. It moves at a slower pace and is geared toward first and second year wrestlers in grades K-2. The season begins in November and runs through January ending with our Intramural Tournament. All first and second year wrestlers in grades K-2 are required to begin in the Intramural program. Moving to the next level is based on coaches discretion.

The second stage is broken down into a Varsity and JV level. Both generally practice together with occasional separation and will progress at a faster pace. It is geared toward the older or more experienced wrestler. It requires a greater commitment as they typically practice more nights per week with a meet/s every weekend. The season begins in November and ends with VEWL tournaments in early February. There is typically 1 - 2 Varsity team tournaments that NMWC enters per season which are voluntary to participate in, but strongly encouraged.

Cheerleading: Offers non-competitive and competitive cheering.

Cheerleaders are also broken down into a Varsity and JV level based on grade. Grades K - 3 cheer for JV and grades 4 - 6 cheer for Varsity. Cheerleading practices typically begin in November and continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays through mid-December. The goal of the cheer program is to build a firm foundation of basic cheerleading skills with chants, cheers, jumps, dance, and stunting all while cheering on the wrestlers in a safe and fun environment.

While the cheerleading programs main purpose is to cheer on and support the wrestlers at the matches, they also offer a very successful Competition Cheerleading Program. This program is optional and is available for those who love cheerleading and want to be challenged with more difficult skills. The Competition Program practice begins in November and competes against other area squads through February/March. More information and sign ups for this program take place once the regular season practices begin.